Being in someone’s shoes, literally


Have you ever wondered how it would feel to see the world through someone else’s eyes? That is the subject of the movie “Being John Malkovich”, with John Cusack and Cameron Diaz. A mix of drama and lots of comedy, it was nominated in the 72nd Academy Awards in three categories and in the Golden Globes, in four, including Best Comedy/ Musical Movie.

The story is about Craig Schwartz, an unemployed puppeteer married with a pet-obsessed woman, Lotte, portrayed by John Cusack and Cameron Diaz. Craig gets a job as an archivist and, hidden after a cabinet, he finds a portal connected to John Malkovich’s mind, where he can observe and feel whatever Malkovich does for fifteen minutes,  before he is ejected and dropped into a ditch near the New Jersey Turnpike. Impressed by his discovery, he shows the portal to his co-worker Maxine, to whom he is attracted. Then, they decide to make it a business and let people use it at $200 an hour.

This is an amazing movie, very smart and well-produced. It shows how people hold their desires and thoughts to themselves, living a fake life for a long time. This is what happens to Lotte and Craig, a couple that lives together for years used to the boredom of a marriage without love. After being inside Malkovich’s mind, they start to understand who they really are.

This is a movie made for open-minded people, who want to get outside the comfort zone while they are choosing a film to watch. This is perfect to someone that enjoys a different kind of humor. And it’s amazing to see what it would feel like to be in someone’s shoes. Literally.

Text by Amanda Garcias


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  1. Rafael Pezzella

    Great text, im definetly going to watch this movie now.

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